Pool Parties, Raleigh, NC

Plan the ultimate pool party menu with our delicious cheesecakes.

Pool parties are a summer staple, but planning a great menu can be challenging. The food needs to be portable and easy to manage, but opting for traditional foods like cookies or cupcakes can feel a little boring.

If you’re planning a pool party for adults, the balance between a menu that’s fun and one that seems juvenile becomes even harder to tread, and more sophisticated food options tend to be difficult to manage when you’re hanging out by the pool. At Cocoa Forte™, we love helping customers ensure their pool parties are unforgettable with spectacular desserts like our signature chocolate-covered cheesecake slices and other sweet treats.

Pool Parties in Raleigh, North Carolina

Part of what makes us the perfect dessert catering option is that our chocolate-covered cheesecake slices are served to guests on a stick, making them ideal for pool parties where handheld foods are a must-have. Each slice of chocolate-coated perfection is crowned with a scrumptious topping, and our wide range of flavor options is sure to please everyone on your guest list.

For larger parties, our food trucks are a great option for dishing out fantastic treats to the crowd. If you love the idea of having our indulgent chocolate-covered cheesecake for your next pool party but don’t have a guest list big enough to merit a food truck, don’t worry! We also offer delivery and pickup options.

If you’re looking for a way to elevate your pool parties in the Raleigh, North Carolina area, reach out to us for more information on our dessert food trucks or our pick-up and delivery options.

At Cocoa Forte™, we offer catering for pool parties in Raleigh, Durham, and Cary, North Carolina.