Best Dessert Trucks, Raleigh, NC

Skip the food truck and hire a dessert truck instead.

When you think of food trucks, you might think of the basics like Mexican food, sandwiches, etc. These are all great, but you can’t get any more exciting than dessert trucks. It takes the excitement of your everyday food truck and pairs it with everyone’s favorite meal of the day: dessert. Now you can hire one of the best dessert trucks for any of your Raleigh, North Carolina events.

Best Dessert Trucks in Raleigh, North Carolina

We at Cocoa Forte™ really do have one of the best dessert trucks in the area. With us, you can expect only the best desserts and services. We have two trucks with trailers measuring at twelve feet long and six feet wide. That way, we have enough room to prepare and serve our delectable desserts. Our dessert trucks are also quiet enough that they won’t interrupt or disturb any event.

We have taken the time and effort to perfect our dessert recipe, so we can honestly claim that we are among the best dessert trucks in the area. Anyone who has ever tried our desserts will excitedly agree. One of our favorite desserts to serve is cheesecake on a stick. We dip delicious cheesecake slices into chocolate and top them with an assortment of flavors. We have various flavor options available and rotate through our flavor menu regularly, so you’ll almost always get to try something new each time you hire our dessert truck.

Add some more excitement to your next event when you hire the best dessert truck in town instead of a boring food truck. Just give us a call today to book our dessert truck for your event.

At Cocoa Forte™, we are one of the best dessert trucks in Raleigh, Durham, and Cary, North Carolina.