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We’d love to bring our dessert catering options to your next event.

If you have a sweet tooth, you’re certainly not alone. Many love the delicious flavors of desserts, especially creamy cheesecake. And at Cocoa Forte, we’ve taken cheesecake to the next level by dipping it in chocolate and covering it with a range of assorted toppings.

We’re a dessert catering company that provides tasty treats to those located in and around Cary, North Carolina. From our two food trucks, we serve up creamy and sweet chocolate-dipped perfection, and we’d love to bring our dessert catering options to your next event.

There are a number of reasons why you might be looking for dessert catering options. Perhaps you want to reward your employees with a pick-me-up after completing a challenging project. Maybe you’re getting married and want to provide delicious treats to your guests during the reception. You could be hosting a community event and want to encourage people to come by offering a tasty dessert to all who attend.

No matter the situation, you can count on us to provide dessert catering that will appeal to every palate. Cheesecake is always popular, and by serving chocolate-dipped slices of the favorite treat on a stick, we’ve made it even more enjoyable.

We provide dessert catering for events of all sizes and scopes that are taking place in the Cary area. Additionally, our high-end dessert truck company offers franchise opportunities for those who want a slice of the pie (or cheesecake!) Contact us to learn more or book one of our trucks for dessert catering at your next event.

At Cocoa Forte™, we offer dessert catering in Raleigh, Durham, and Cary, North Carolina.


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