Why Our Cheesecake Food Truck is Perfect for Any Event

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Why Our Cheesecake Food Truck is Perfect for Any EventThere are two sides to our business here at Cocoa Forte™: our online cheesecake orders and our food truck rentals. If you are in the Raleigh, North Carolina, area, you may have seen our cheesecake food truck at various local events, and you may even be interested in renting it for your next gathering. In this article, our team will go over a few reasons why renting our cheesecake truck is the perfect way to take any event to the next level.

  • Great Flavor Selection- One thing that makes our cheesecake food truck perfect for any event is our diverse array of flavors. Our team offers a wide variety of cheesecake flavors, including cherry, banana split, PB jam, chocolate and peanut butter, and more. In addition, many of our cheesecakes are dipped in chocolate and topped with fun, delicious toppings such as rainbow sprinkles, nuts, or even toasted marshmallows. Everyone is sure to find a dessert they will love on our menu.
  • Fun Novelty- Another factor that makes our cheesecake food truck a great choice for events of all kinds is the novelty of our cheesecake desserts. We serve our cheesecakes in individual slices on popsicle sticks, which offers a fun, enjoyable twist on traditional cheesecake and a more convenient way to eat them. Instead of having to sit down with a plate and fork, your guests can simply eat their cheesecake like a popsicle as they continue to walk around enjoy the festivities. If you think your guests would enjoy delicious cheesecake and a convenient treat, we encourage you to hire our food truck.