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The cheesecake desserts we make and serve are different from typical slices of cheesecake.

When you’re in the mood for a delicious treat, Cocoa Fortehas options that will satisfy your sweet tooth. We’re a family-owned and operated business that serves up delicious chocolate-dipped cheesecake slices topped with all sorts of tasty toppings.

Cheesecake Desserts in Cary, North Carolina

Our business began more than a decade ago as a hobby, when we spent our time hauling a tent and freezers filled with frozen cheesecake to festivals and events taking place throughout North Carolina. Since then, we’ve changed the way we do business and serve our tasty cheesecake desserts from our two dessert food trucks that serve the Cary, North Carolina area. We can deliver our beloved treats to customers, delight guests at events of all sizes, and even offer franchise opportunities for those who want to get in on the cheesecake action.

The cheesecake desserts we make and serve are different than typical slices of cheesecake. We have perfected our recipe to create the perfect cheesecake as a base, and we top the stick-mounted slices with decadent chocolate and unique toppings.

A few of the most popular cheesecake desserts include our cocoa cherry, banana split, and cocoa chocolate peanut butter. With a variety of flavors to choose from, we’re confident that our cheesecake desserts will delight everyone who samples them.

If you’re looking to serve something unique at your next event, don’t hesitate to contact us. Or if you already know how amazingly popular our desserts are, how about becoming a franchisee? Give us a call, and we’ll talk to you about our options and answer your questions so you can make an informed decision.

At Cocoa Forte™, we serve cheesecake desserts in Raleigh, Durham, and Cary, North Carolina.